Sunday, May 24, 2009

Value of Operational Strategy

Posted on 4:04 AM by Mirza Muhammad Qayyum Baig

The idea of operations strategy plays an important role in determining the overall long-term success of an organization. Developing an operations strategy means looking to innovative ways to add value for the customer in the goods and services that the firm produces and delivers. Value can have many meanings. Managers must therefore align the operations strategy of their firm with the strategies of other functional areas and with the firm’s overall business strategy.
The combination of the globalization of business coupled with advances in technology has created a hyper-competitive environment in which managers must constantly be looking for new and innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition. To properly implement these strategies, managers need to clearly understand the core capabilities of their firm and focus their resources on maintaining and improving these capabilities.
Successful firms today are looking to develop strategies that integrate goods and services into a single product offering or “bundle of benefits,” which attempts to solve problems for customers rather than just selling those products.

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SAS Says....

Yeah Qayyum is right. Operational strategies are core of business where all competencies combining together as a set of skill to act as Competitive advantage. Along with this Core Competencies are bed rocks of Competitive Advantage in as Qayyum said hyper-competitive market. So Operational strategy a way to institutionalize the Core Competency.

Ameer Anas Says....

In this dynamic business mantra, managers often owe to play a multi-portrayed role in house and outside the organization.
Second, there are a lot many school of thoughts regarding this above mentioned "strategy alignment" scene. Strategic fit often play a highlighted character for firm to grapple up the competitive advantage. You are right sahb

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