Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seven Steps To RFID Sanity

Posted on 2:59 AM by Mirza Muhammad Qayyum Baig

RFID clarity is best achieved through action. Once you have completed the analysis phase, the only way to learn the true value of RFID is to start testing the technology in a desired application. Follow these simple steps for a more successful implementation:
Step 1:
Understand your visibility requirements. What items do you want to read? Where? How often? From what distance?
Step 2:
Query other end users about recommendations for trials. What to do? How to do it? Recommended technologies? There are many experienced end users who are willing to share their knowledge.
Step 3:
Move into the action phase in a real-world setting. Put tags on things, and set up readers at the points you seek enhanced visibility – outside of the lab environment.
Step 4:
Evaluate technical performance. Do you get reliable reads? Does it properly update your application?
Step 5:
Assess the economic benefits. Is it better than what you are currently doing?
Step 6:
Understand the impact. How does the technology affect business processes? Are there integration issues with enterprise systems?
Step 7:
Make a decision. Decide whether or not to move forward with a larger scale implementation; refine the trial using different processes, technologies, items and/or read points; or cease activity.

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